Klein Sexual Orientation Grid

Updated: SEPTEMBER 9, 2015

The Klein Sexual Orientation Grid (KSOG) is a tool created by Fritz Klein. It is used to describe sexual orientation. When filling in the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid, one is asked about seven different factors of sexual orientation. Each factor is must be assigned a number from one to seven. Each factor requires an answer for the past, the present, and the "idealized future." Each number selected represents a place on the spectrum from exclusive interest in the opposite sex to exclusive interest in the same sex.

More About Klein Sexual Orientation Grid

The Klein Sexual Orientation Grid expands on the earlier Kinsey Scale which received criticism for only measuring two dimensions of sexual orientation.The other big difference between the Kinsey Scale and the Klein Grid is that the KSOG uses values numbered one through seven. The Kinsey Scale uses a 0–6 scale to describe the range between same sex and opposite sex attraction.

The seven factors examined on the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid are: Sexual Attraction, Sexual Behavior, Sexual Fantasies, Emotional Preference, Social Preference, Lifestyle Preference, and Self Identification


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