Jennings Gag

Updated: MAY 22, 2017

A Jennings gag is a stainless steel medical device used to forcibly hold open a patient’s mouth. This type of gag is sometimes re-purposed by members of the BDSM community and worn by submissives during scenes, including those centered around medical play.

A Jennings gag is a type of spreader gag. A Jennings gag is often called a Jennings mouth gag.

More About Jennings Gag

In the medical world, a Jennings gag holds a patient’s mouth open while a doctor or other medical practitioner works on them. It may be used to hold a patient’s mouth open for a long time, such as during dental surgery, or when a patient cannot hold the mouth open, after jaw dislocation for example. These scenarios may be enacted by BDSM couples. Alternatively, a dominant may simply use a Jennings gag to hold their submissive’s mouth open, making it available for whatever they desire.

A ratchet or spreader bar on one side makes a Jennings gag adjustable. This mechanism allows a dominant to keep their submissive’s mouth open to a desired degree. It is strong enough to hold firm, even when a submissive is fighting against it.

As Jennings gags are often used in medical procedures, they are readily available from medical supply stores. They typically cost between $40 and $125, depending on their quality.

Since Jennings gags are made from stainless steel, they must be used with caution. Wearers may chip the enamel on their teeth if they wear the gag for a lengthy period of time. Some Jennings gags are dipped in rubber to prevent this. Prolonged use can also causeTMJ. Individuals who already have this disorder should never use a Jennings gag, as it can worsen the condition.

Like other gags, Jennings gags can also compromise the wearer’s breathing. For this reason, a submissive wearing a Jennings gag should be closely monitored and never left alone. Gags should also never be shared. Sanitizing methods like cleaning the device with alcohol or boiling it may damage the device, and thus aren’t recommended.


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