Updated: OCTOBER 26, 2021
Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers
on October 17, 2021

Fleshlight is the name brand of a line of penis masturbation sleeves. The name Fleshlight is a portmanteau, of sorts. “Flesh” comes from the texture, look and feel of the sleeve being very close to human skin and tissue. “Light” comes from the case that holds the sleeve, which resembles a flashlight. A Fleshlight can be used by anyone of any sexuality or gender on their own penis or strap-on or on a play partner’s penis or strap-on.

As with other penis sleeves, users insert the penis into the Fleshlight and then stroke up and down. The hard casing is designed to both grip the soft sleeve during penetratio but also to house the sleeve while not in use. The non-penetrative end of the casing features a twisting cap. Opening or closing the cap increases or decreases the amount of air inside the device, thereby changing the air pressure and suction. With the cap fully closed, the air pressure is minimal and the suction inside the toy on the penis is very strong. Increasing the airflow by loosening the cap loosens the suction and reduces the grip inside.

Fleshlights are renowned for their life-like feel. Because of this quality, one of their most popular models is marketed as a “stamina training unit,” intended to be used by people to increase their ability to last longer before orgasm during penis stimulation. Instructions are provided with the product to guide the user on how to build up their sexual stamina.

Many different varieties of Fleshlight are available in numerous different appearances and textiles. On the outside, there are Fleshlights modelled to look like a variety of vulvas, mouths, and anuses as well as non-specific and even supernatural shapes. They are offered in many different skin tones as well as non-skin colors. The company also offers Fleshlights that are modeled after pornographic performers’ body parts including penises, butts, and vulvas.

In the interior, different patterns of nubs and textures are used to provide differing stimulation to the various parts of the penis. These textures vary in individual units and many different stimulation patterns are available across products. Fleshlights are made from a proprietary blend of SuperSkin, an elastomer that is both very soft and supple. It can also retain heat for an increased “realness” sensation.

Fleshlights are best used with lubrication but can only be used with water-based lube, as silicone lube can degrade the material of the toy.

More About Fleshlight

Fleshlights, it can be argued, are the most successful sex toy on record. Not only has the parent company sold millions upon millions of units across the world, but the device is a cultural gamechanger. Along with rabbit-style vibrators, Fleshlights ushered in a new sexual mindset: masturbation and sex toys are okay and devices that make masturbation better are great. Both masturbation and sex products were stigmatized, like most other aspects of sex, but Fleshlight certainly played a significant part in squashing that stigma.

It seems hard to believe that Fleshlights have been around since the mid-1990s... but it is also hard to believe that better products that simulate penetrative sex weren’t developed sooner. Sure, cheap products were available, but Steve Shubin’s devices demonstrated that considered design and quality materials not only made sex products desirable and pleasurable, but that these factors also made sex devices profitable.

Fleshlights are often considered, primarily, to be a masturbation tool. However, they are also a tremendous addition to sexy time fun with a partner or partners. Different models of Fleshlights simulate handjobs, blowjobs and more, giving people the opportunity to provide pleasure in a variety of ways.

Another great aspect of Fleshlight is their potential for folks with disabilities. The hard casing can also be attached to surfaces or mounts in different ways, allowing those with movement or motor skills concerns to place the device into a position that allows them to penetrate and enjoy. The Fleshlight On a Mission and Fleshlight Top Dog are two of the most popular mount models.

Fleshlight also offers models that vibrate as well as external motor devices that pump the Fleshlight up and down in a variety of speeds and patterns for hands-free stimulation.

One important consideration about Fleshlights: they need to be cleaned properly after every use and then stored as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Fleshlights can last a long time, but some users have reported having to replace their devices because of mold or rips and tears to the interior texture or orifice.


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