Clitoral Complex

Updated: APRIL 20, 2020

The clitoral complex is the name of the boomerang-shaped system of internal and external structures clitoral structures. It incorporates the clitoris and various types of muscular, erectile, and sensitive tissues, and other components. Many people consider the G-spot part of the clitoral complex.

The term was coined by urologist Helen O’Connell in the 1998 paper “Anatomical Relationship Between Urethra and Clitoris.” However, its structures were observed as early as 1844.

More About Clitoral Complex

Those who understand the clitoral complex recognize that it’s not just the clitoris, but several parts surrounding it, that are the key to women’s sexual pleasure and orgasm. All parts of the clitoral complex swell significantly and its bulb and crura wrap around the vagina when a woman is aroused. During penetrative sex, the penis pushes against the vagina’s anterior wall. This in turn puts pressure on the entire clitoral complex which moves against the pubic symphisis.

It’s thought that women with a shorter distance between their vagina and clitoral complex find it easier to orgasm than those with a longer distance between these parts. It’s also thought that larger clitorises may have more nerve endings than smaller clitorises, which make achieving orgasm easier.


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