Updated: FEBRUARY 15, 2021

Catheterophilia is a type of medical fetish that revolves around catheters. People with catheterophilia may be aroused by fantasizing about receiving a catheter or putting a catheter into a sexual partner’s urethra.

During catheterization, a sterilized rubber catheter is inserted into the urethra and through to the bladder. Although catheterization is a very common medical procedure, it has also been a part of sex play for some individuals for at least 4000 years.

More About Catheterophilia

Catheters may be used during sexual play to take control of a partner, as the person who administers the catheter takes control of the catheterized person’s urine flow. The stimulation experienced by the catheterized person activates the parts of the brain that feel pleasure during urination and ejaculation.

Catheter play may occur in regular foreplay or as part of a medical role-playing scene.

Catheterophilia is not just a medical fetish, but also a type of urethralism. Urethralism is a sexual interest in inserting foreign bodies into the urethra. Anecdotal evidence suggests that many adult babies are also catheterophiles. Catheterophilia is also commonly related to sexual masochism and sexual sadism.

Catheterization is safe in a clinical setting, but it can be dangerous and painful when performed by amateurs. Infection can occur if the catheter is not sterilized correctly. Even when catheterization is performed as it should be, the person catheterized may feel sore, burning sensations in their urethra.


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