Last Updated: July 13, 2020

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Definition - What does Nonromantic mean?

Nonromantic is a term used to describe a relationship or feelings that may be intimate but have no romantic intent. In most nonromantic relationships, both partners feel the same way about each other and neither of them wishes for their relationship to become romantic. People of any gender and sexuality can be nonromantically involved.

Nonromantic is often written as non-romantic.

Kinkly explains Nonromantic

Nonromantic is often chosen as a preferable alternative to the term unromantic, as it carries no negative connotation. A nonromantic relationship is one where close, intimate feelings that are not of a romantic nature do exist. An un-romantic relationship may be one where people do not feel a close bond at all. For example, best friends may consider themselves to have a nonromantic relationship, while a manager and an employee who have a strict working relationship may consider their relationship to be un-romantic.

Nonromantic is most commonly used by asexual people to describe the close relationships they feel which contain love, but no elements of romantic attraction. These individuals believe nonromantic relationships and nonromantic love are equal to romantic relationships and romantic love in terms of investment and depth of feeling.

The love between those in a romantic relationship may be just as strong as the love between those in a nonromantic relationship. Romantic attraction is the only element that distinguishes these relationships.

Though it is common for people in nonromantic relationships to cuddle and hold hands, they do not commonly have sex.

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