Pearl Necklace

Last Updated: December 14, 2015

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Definition - What does Pearl Necklace mean?

A pearl necklace is a colloquial term describing the sex act where a man ejaculates onto the chest, neck, or breasts of his partner. The term originated from the fact that the drops of semen can look like a string of pearls around a person’s neck.

The term first entered the mainstream when ZZ Top released the song "Pearl Necklace" in 1981. It did not gain widespread popularity, though, until it was explained in a 2004 episode of the HBO comedy Sex and the City.

Kinkly explains Pearl Necklace

A pearl necklace most commonly occurs during mammary intercourse, when a man thrusts his penis between a woman’s breasts. It’s advisable to apply lubricant between the breasts during this act to help the penis slide up and down. The woman can also push her breasts together to create greater friction, and perhaps lick his penis as it nears her mouth to help her partner along.

A woman may also receive a pearl necklace after a man masturbates over her, or if he withdraws his penis from intercourse or oral sex on the brink of orgasm.

A pearl necklace is different from a "facial," the colloquial term for a sex act in which a man ejaculates onto the face of his partner.

Some people find a pearl necklace distasteful, so men should ask for permission before giving this "gift."

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