Last Updated: March 27, 2019

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Definition - What does Gooning mean?

Gooning is a state achieved after a prolonged edging session, where a man becomes completely focused and entranced by the sensation coming from his erect penis. Since this state can only be achieved after edging (the sexual practice of bringing someone to a point of orgasm but postponing it over space and time in order to create heightened arousal), the man's erection is incredibly intense while gooning. Any touch or caress leads to an explosive sensation of elation. As the man continues edging, he continues feeling extreme pleasure as his mind and body become one.

Kinkly explains Gooning

Gooning is often the term applied to this state because when a man reaches this point, he often does not need additional stimulation to be aroused. The sight of his own erection is often enough visual stimulation. In moments, men who are experiencing such concentrated pleasure can become very expressive, their bodies and faces reacting to every touch to the penis, resulting in the term "goon" as the man can take on a silly or funny look. Mastering and achieving the state of gooning requires the ability to prolong sexual arousal, learning how to edge properly and most of all, listening to one's sexual responses. Knowledge of one's own masturbation and self-pleasure are essential.

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