The Deckchair Position

Definition - What does The Deckchair Position mean?

The deckchair is a sex position that is so named because couples in this position resemble a deckchair. The man in this position sits on the bed or floor and leans back, supporting himself with his hands. The woman then lies on her back between his spread legs. With her pelvis in front of him, he can penetrate her.

The deck chair position may also be known as the lounge chair position.

Kinkly explains The Deckchair Position

While in this position, a pillow under the woman's butt puts her pelvis at a good angle for the man's penis to stimulate her G-spot. The deckchair position is also an excellent position for deep penetration. Because of this, it's best for the woman to control the thrusting by moving her hips or sliding gently up and back.

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