Suspension Play

Last Updated: May 3, 2017

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Definition - What does Suspension Play mean?

Suspension play is a form of bondage that involves one partner - usually the submissive - being tied up and suspended, or hung, from the ceiling. A person can be suspended perpendicular to the floor or parallel to it, and they may be suspended upside down by their ankles as well. Being unable to move increases the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability that a submissive feels. Usually, a person is suspended with their genitals exposed, making sexual stimulation, teasing and erotic torture easy.

Suspension play is also often combined with Japanese rope bondage, which is both a form of bondage and an art.

Kinkly explains Suspension Play

Suspension play can be a very dangerous act, particularly if you don't have the proper training. Possible dangers include falling and loss of circulation. Before participating in suspension play, learn everything you can, and take classes on the proper techniques, if possible. You should also make sure that any hooks you use for suspension play are firmly anchored to a beam in the ceiling or wall to help minimize the risk of falling. A safety mat or mattress under a suspended submissive can also greatly minimize the chance of injuries from falling.

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