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Anonymous Sex

Definition - What does Anonymous Sex mean?

Anonymous Sex is a form of casual sex between individuals who have virtually no history with each other. This form of consensual sexual activity usually takes place on the same day that they meet. In most cases, the partners don’t see each other again. Also referred to as casual sex, this activity can occur in several contexts, including but not limited to, swinging, open relationships, and one night stands. This form of sex is usually devoid of emotional attachment or romantic intimacy.

Kinkly explains Anonymous Sex

A study conducted by the University of Iowa concluded that individuals who engage in anonymous sex are not looking for a long-term relationship. The same research suggests that up to 3/4 of American college students have engaged in this activity at some point during their college life. Anonymous sex is also widely popular in strip clubs, swinger’s bars, and adult resorts. This activity can sometimes occur under the form of prostitution where there is an exchange of money, drugs, or gifts are exchanged for oral and/or penetrative sex.

Anonymous sex is also known to be among the highest-risk sexual activities because the partners are not familiar with each other’s medical and sexual history.

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