Vaginal Steam Bath

Last Updated: February 11, 2015

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Definition - What does Vaginal Steam Bath mean?

A vaginal steam bath is a spa treatment that involves sitting over a bowl of steam laced with Chinese medicinal herbs. According to practitioners, a vaginal steam bath can help with many female health problems including infertility, menstrual pain, vaginal infections, hemorrhoids, and other conditions.

Kinkly explains Vaginal Steam Bath

The vaginal steam bath comes from Korea where it is known as "chai-yok." It has recently been introduced to a few spas in North America, and its popularity is spreading. According to practitioners, a vaginal steam bath cleans, detoxifies, and nourishes the female reproduction system.

Traditional herbs used for vaginal steam baths include mugwort and wormood which address poor circulation and pain, respectively. Other herbs and plants can be used according to the needs of the woman and the properties of the plant. Pregnant women should not use vaginal steam baths.

There is only anecdotal evidence that vaginal steam baths are actually effective against feminine ailments. Some women have claimed that it restores fertility while others do not see any difference after treatment. However, the relaxing effect of a vaginal bath, or any other spa treatment, can have benefits related to lower stress levels.

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