Last Updated: February 19, 2015

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Definition - What does Cheerleader mean?

A cheerleader is a member of a pep squad who cheers for a sporting team. A cheerleader seeks to inspire players and raise the morale of supporters. They may do this by chanting or by performing a routine consisting of jumps, tumbles, stunts, and dance moves. Most cheerleaders are attractive females. As they generally wear revealing outfits and perform suggestive dance moves, many straight men fantasize about cheerleaders.

Kinkly explains Cheerleader

Cheerleaders are generally female high school or college students. The term cheerleader may also be applied to those who perform for a professional sporting team although some prefer to refer to these individuals as members of a dance squad.

Many feminists feel the term cheerleader is demeaning as it suggests that the female role is simply to cheer men on and smile at them. They also feel the provocative dance moves and skimpy outfits worn by cheerleaders make it easy for men to objectify them.

Despite the fact that cheerleading can be a serious and athletically challenging practice, the term cheerleader is also sometimes used in a derogatory fashion to describe a woman who uses her body rather than her brains to get through life.

Cheerleader characters commonly feature in pornographic films and on adult websites.

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