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Celibate, Celibacy

Definition - What does Celibate, Celibacy mean?

Celibate is a term used to describe those who do not engage in sexual activity. Such an individual is said to be in a state of celibacy. Celibacy is usually undertaken voluntarily for religious, moral, or philosophical reasons. A person who simply lacks the opportunity to pursue sexual relationships is not considered to be celibate.

Kinkly explains Celibate, Celibacy

The decision to become celibate is usually inspired by an individual’s faith or their place in the church. Most world religions encourage celibacy either amongst their leaders or followers. In this context, celibacy can be a means of purifying the body or helping an individual gain access to a deeper spirituality. Some people, such as nuns and Catholic priests, may even take a lifelong vow of celibacy.

Celibacy should not be confused with chastity. While both involve a lack of sexual activity, chastity involves refraining from sexual activity only while an individual is single. Celibate people do not partake in sexual activity at all regardless of their relationship status.

Celibacy should also not be confused with a lack of opportunity to have sex. While someone may not engage in sexual activity due to personal circumstances, many believe this abstinence is not really celibacy, as celibacy is actively undertaken to achieve a pure mind and body.

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