Last Updated: January 28, 2019

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Definition - What does Casanova mean?

The term casanova is used to describe any man that is successful at seducing a great number of women. The word comes from the name of an Italian adventurer and explorer, Giacomo Casanova, who reportedly slept with more than 200 women in the 1700s.

The term casanova can also be used to describe the behavior of a womanizing man.

Kinkly explains Casanova

Casanova's tally of more than 200 women remains the template for men with a "love them and leave them" attitude. While he preferred the company of women, it’s interesting to note that he also slept with at least four men during his lifetime. Despite this, historical records show that sex was not the only thing on the real Casanova’s mind. In fact, he developed relationships with many of the women that he slept with.

This is not the case with many modern men classed as casanovas. Instead, casanovas tend to leave the woman they seduce the moment the deed is done. It’s theorized that this behavior may stem from a fear of commitment. A casanova cares little for the broken hearts he may leave in his wake.

Despite their shortcomings, casanovas tend to be charismatic, charming individuals. Their endearing personalities help them attract women and entice them into the bedroom.

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