Booth Girl

Last Updated: February 19, 2015

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Definition - What does Booth Girl mean?

A booth girl is a specific type of promotional model hired by a company to appear at a convention or trade show. Booth girls get their names because they typically work at the booths of vendors or sponsors at major events. These young, attractive women are especially common at events frequented by heterosexual men. They are events such as car, motorcycle, and technology fairs.

A booth girl may be also known as a trade show model, a convention model, a trade show hostess, a booth companion, a booth professional, or most controversially, a booth babe.

Kinkly explains Booth Girl

Booth girls are paid to smile and talk about the products they are promoting. While they can usually provide basic information about a product, they are often not experts. They will direct most questions to the company spokespeople who also work the booths. A booth girl may also hand out marketing materials such as flyers or merchandise. They may gather customer information for future promotions.

Booth girls often wear tight or revealing clothing to enhance their sex appeal. This helps lure crowds to the booth no matter what the vendor is selling. Recently though, some events have established guidelines which do not allow booth girls to wear skimpy clothing. These regulations seek to put the focus back on the products and make events more female-friendly.

A vendor may keep several booth girls on the payroll to call upon whenever the vendor is planning to attend a convention. Booth girls can also be hired through talent and modeling agencies. Booth girls can help companies handle more leads than they might otherwise be able to manage using their regular workforce.

Some critics of booth girls declare their role to be sexist and demeaning to women. Others suggest that this attitude is an extreme example of political correctness.

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