Last Updated: November 5, 2018

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Definition - What does Fecundity mean?

Fecundity refers to one's potential for reproduction, specifically the ability and willingness to produce offspring in abundance. Fecundity takes into account a variety of factors including one's health status and willingness to repeatedly reproduce.

Kinkly explains Fecundity

While fecundity sounds a lot like fertility it is actually a bit more nuanced. Fertility refers to one's reproduction capacity based simply on their ability to reproduce, fecundity refers to that same capacity in relation to the desire, and physical fitness of a female to undergo repeated fertilization. Practically speaking, fecundity, takes into account one's life circumstances as a measure of reproductive potential. For example a 25 year old married woman who is financially secure, physically healthy, and who enjoys pregnancy may be considered particularly fecund because her circumstances facilitate the having of multiple children.

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