Fifty Shades of Grey

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Definition - What does Fifty Shades of Grey mean?

"Fifty Shades of Grey" is the first book in the best-selling erotic series by E.L. James. The books are notable for their inclusion of BDSM and sex toys, elements that rarely appear in mainstream erotic fiction.

As of 2012, the "Fifty Shades" trilogy had sold more than 35 million copies in the United States, and more than 65 million copies worldwide.

Kinkly explains Fifty Shades of Grey

"Fifty Shades of Grey" follows Anastasia Steele through a story of submission at the hands of a young, charismatic millionaire, Christian Grey. This book introduced many women to the world of BDSM through Christian Grey's Red Room of Pain. It also included detailed erotic descriptions about female pleasure and desire, which proved to be eye-opening for some women.

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