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Swing Lifestyle

Updated: NOVEMBER 7, 2016

The swing lifestyle is a non-monogamous lifestyle in which sexual activity is deemed to be recreational or social. This lifestyle began to become popular during the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Although single individuals can and do participate in this type of lifestyle, it is more common for heterosexual couples to do so. Swingers can meet and hook up with each other a few different ways. Swinger clubs are becoming more popular, for instance, but the Internet has recently become a valuable tool used by swingers looking for other swingers.

More About Swing Lifestyle

The swing lifestyle is certainly not for everyone. If you or your partner are interested in becoming swingers, a good idea is to first do your research on the subject. Talking with other swingers in the lifestyle is a good place to start. Communication is an absolute must, and you should also discuss your hopes and fears about the decision before jumping into it. If either of you are jealous or insecure to start with, there's a good chance that that the swinger lifestyle isn't for you.

Swinger parties are typically a very integral part of the swing lifestyle. These parties can be formal gatherings of several couples or intimate get togethers with just a handful of couples. Other social events geared toward swingers are also becoming popular. These events include swinger conventions, cruises and vacations.


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