Last Updated: June 16, 2017

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Definition - What does Polyamid mean?

Polyamid is a fabric polymer which contains monomers of amides connected by peptide bonds. These bonds can occur naturally, as they do in wool, or they can be synthetically manufactured as in the case of nylon.

Polyamid is most commonly used to produce lingerie. Polyamid may also be used for wool clothing and stockings.

Polyamid is sometimes spelled polyamide.

Kinkly explains Polyamid

Polyamid is a popular choice for lingerie because it is quite strong and will stand up to repeated use without losing its shape. Despite its durability, it is also very lightweight to wear and soft against the skin. It is also resistant to creasing, the growth of mildew, and staining from oils, greases, and solvents.

It is difficult to find lingerie made entirely from polyamid. It is more common to find undergarments made from a blend of polyamid and another material such as elastane or polyester.

As polyamid is hypoallergenic and phthalate free, it can be worn by people with sensitive skin and allergies. Consumers should consider whether they are choosing a 100% polyamide garment or one that is blended with other fabrics if they have particular sensitivities.

Polyamid garments can be washed after use with warm water and a mild detergent soap. The fabric will degrade if washed with a scouring powder.

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