Oral Without Condom to Completion (OWOTC)

Definition - What does Oral Without Condom to Completion (OWOTC) mean?

Oral without condom to completion is generally used to describe the act of bringing a man to orgasm by performing oral sex on him (fellatio) without a condom. In this case, it is assumed the "oral" in question is fellatio and not cunnilingus due to the reference to a condom. For cunnilingus, a dental dam would be used instead.

Kinkly explains Oral Without Condom to Completion (OWOTC)

Oral without condom to completion is a phrase that one might see used in a transaction with a sex worker, specifically an escort. The escort may employ the acronym OWOTC to communicate that this is a service that they provide or a customer may use it when inquiring as to whether the service is available.

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