Multiple Positions Oral Sex (MPOS)

Last Updated: December 24, 2018

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Definition - What does Multiple Positions Oral Sex (MPOS) mean?

Multiple positions oral sex is a term that describes a sex act which involves oral sex, most commonly fellatio, performed in a variety of different positions. The term is most often used in the sex industry by prostitutes advertising their services to prospective clients.

When used in advertising or online, multiple positions oral sex is typically shortened to the acronym MPOS.

Kinkly explains Multiple Positions Oral Sex (MPOS)

During multiple positions oral sex, a sex worker performs fellatio on their client in a number of different positions. They may perform oral sex from a standing position, while seated, on their knees, or while lying down on their back. Similarly, the client receiving the oral sex may be standing, sitting, lying down, or crouched over the sex worker. Clients appreciate the variety of this service, which helps spice up traditional oral sex.

While multiple positions are involved in this sex act, the sex worker is typically the giver and the client the receiver.

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