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Male, Male, Female (MMF)

Definition - What does Male, Male, Female (MMF) mean?

Male, male, female is a form of threesome. As its name implies, the participants in this sexual interaction are a female and two males. The female participant is often heterosexual, while the male participants are typically heterosexual or bisexual.

The term male, male, female is often shortened to the acronym MMF.

Kinkly explains Male, Male, Female (MMF)

The activities involved in an MMF threesome will depend on the comfort levels of the participants and perhaps their sexual orientation. If an MMF threesome involves mostly heterosexual participants, the men will probably seek to satisfy the female with little interaction between one another. If the men are bisexual or bicurious, they may also wish to arouse one another. An MMF threesome is not recommended for homophobic men, as even accidental interaction between the two men is inevitable.

Double penetration can be a component of an MMF threesome. This may involve vaginal and anal penetration, double vaginal penetration, or even double anal penetration.

As male participants in an MMF threesome are often straight, it can be uncomfortable for them to see another man naked or interact intimately with the same woman as them. However, many men also find it arousing to watch their female partner interact sexually with another man. Some even find an MMF threesome to be a healthy way of realizing the fantasy of watching their significant other be intimate with another man.

Open communication is important to ensure the MMF threesome is a satisfying experience for all participants. Participants should discuss their sexual boundaries and expectations. Participants should also treat one another with respect at all times during the encounter. It’s crucial that all parties observe safe sex practices. Extra care should be taken if engaging in anal play.
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