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Male, Female, Male (MFM)

Definition - What does Male, Female, Male (MFM) mean?

Male, female, male (MFM) describes a type of threesome involving two men and one woman. All participants in this type of threesome are typically heterosexual.

While a male, female, male threesome and a male, male, female threesome have the same mix of gender participants, the two should not be confused. In a male, female, male threesome, the female is always the object of attention from both male participants. While this is sometimes the case in a male, male, female threesome, the men in this arrangement will also often receive pleasure from one another.

Kinkly explains Male, Female, Male (MFM)

The activities involved in a MFM threesome depend on the comfort levels of all participants. Double penetration may be a component of this type of threesome. As men in a MFM prefer to keep the woman in the middle. This is typically vaginal and anal penetration.

If the female involved in the MFM threesome is in a relationship with one of the male participants, it can sometimes be difficult for her male partner to witness her interacting sexually with another man. It is beneficial if all participants have high self-esteem. On the other hand, many men may find that the sight of their partner engaging with another man arousing. Some men even find that engaging in a MFM threesome is a healthy way to realize their fantasies surrounding this scenario.

Women typically enjoy a MFM threesome because it allows them to be the center of sexual attention and receive more pleasure than they might from just one man. Many also enjoy the power trip that comes from having two men at their mercy.

Open communication is essential to ensure that all participants are satisfied in the MFM threesome and that their expectations are clear. Safe sex practices are also crucial. Extra care should be taken if anal play is involved.
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