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Male, female, female (MFF)

Definition - What does Male, female, female (MFF) mean?

Male, female, female is a form of threesome. As its name implies, the participants in this type of sexual encounter are two males and a female. Typically this type of threesome occurs with a heterosexual couple who bring a heterosexual, bisexual, or bicurious woman into the bedroom. The female in the couple may also be bisexual or bicurious. Male, female, female threesomes may also occur with people who are not in a relationship.

The term male, female, female is often shortened to the acronym MFF.

Kinkly explains Male, female, female (MFF)

A male, female, female threesome is one of the most common sexual fantasies for heterosexual couples. It is also the number one fantasy amongst heterosexual males. This is because the man gets to enjoy the attention of two women, and also the sight of them pleasuring one another, in most cases. While this is visually pleasing, it also strokes the male ego. If the man engaged in the threesome is part of an established couple, it also gives him the thrill of experiencing a new woman, and seeing his existing partner in a new light. Finally, it can give him some insight into his partner’s preferences which he can use later.

Female participants also enjoy the thrill of sexual interaction with someone new. For bicurious women, having a man present can make it easier for them to enjoy sexual interaction with another woman.

The comfort levels and sometimes the sexual orientation of the participants involved will determine the activities involved in a MFF threesome. While many straight men balk at the idea of a MMF threesome, women tend to be more open to a MFF threesome. Even heterosexual women can often become aroused by the idea of sexual interaction with a man and another woman at the same time.

Open communication is the key to ensuring that a MFF threesome is satisfying for all participants. All parties should discuss their sexual boundaries, including their expectations for same-sex play, before commencing. It’s essential that all participants in a MFF threesome are treated with respect before, during, and after play. As with all sexual interaction involving external parties, safe sex practices should be observed.

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