Last Updated: June 16, 2017

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Definition - What does Hardsports mean?

Hardsports is a term which describes sexual interaction or activity involving feces. It generally sees one person defecating on another during sexual interaction, but may also involve playing with feces, eating feces, covering the body in feces, enema play, and any other sexual interaction with feces. Due to the public perception of feces, hardsports is a taboo activity classified as an extreme sexual practice.

Hardsports is also known as hard sports and scat.

Kinkly explains Hardsports

Many people enjoy hardsports because it is seen as breaking one of society’s last and most persistent taboos. It can strengthen the bond between a submissive partner, known as a toilet slave, and a dominant partner. Many people who engage in hardsports also enjoy the physical sensation of interacting with feces. When hardsports is needed for sexual interest or arousal, a person may be diagnosed with coprophilia.

As feces contains a variety of potentially harmful organisms, a number of infections can be spread during hardsports, including Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. This sexual activity also carries a small risk of HIV transmission if someone has blood in their feces or has been bleeding rectally.

Regular HIV testing and vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B can lower the risks of hardsports. Some people insist others should abstain from eating feces or putting feces in their mouth, as these activities can also increase the risks of contracting infections. Many sex workers who specialize in hardsports insist these activities are perfectly safe so long as the person defecating is well.

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