Fuck of the Century (FOTC)

Definition - What does Fuck of the Century (FOTC) mean?

Fuck of the century (FOTC) literally means “the very best sex.” However, in modern parlance its meaning has altered, and now anything that is incredibly good may be referred to as the fuck of the century. The term gained mainstream acceptance through its use in the film "Basic Instinct."

Kinkly explains Fuck of the Century (FOTC)

In its literal context, FOTC may be used by people from all walks of life. It’s commonly used in the sex industry, both by sex workers promoting themselves in their advertising materials and by johns recommending prostitutes in their field reports. However, you might also hear guys in the locker room or girls on a night out talking about having the fuck of the century. A person may also tell his or her sexual partner that they are the fuck of the century.

What constitutes the fuck of the century is a matter of personal opinion. For some people, it may be a partner who is open minded and willing to engage in kinky acts. For another, it may be having a sexual relationship based on intimacy and closeness. An intense orgasm is typically part of the fuck of the century, but this isn’t always the case.

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    - Fiona Thrust

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