Finger In Vagina (FIV)

Last Updated: July 17, 2017

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Definition - What does Finger In Vagina (FIV) mean?

Finger in vagina (FIV) is a term used within the sex industry for digital penetration of the vagina. Sex workers who state that they permit finger in vagina allow their clients to digitally penetrate them.

Finger in vagina is typically known by the acronym FIV. This is commonly seen on the menus of sex workers and in the field reports of sex industry clients.

Kinkly explains Finger In Vagina (FIV)

Finger in vagina goes a step further than finger outside vagina, which is fingering of the genital area without digital penetration. Sex workers that offer finger in vagina typically also allow finger outside vagina.

Finger in vagina allows clients to massage a sex worker’s G-spot and other parts of her vagina. It is typically seen as a more intimate act than finger outside vagina.

Finger in vagina is considered one of the safer sex activities. The risk of HIV infection is low unless the client has a fresh, open finger cut or wound. Some infections can still be spread through finger in vagina, but wearing a latex glove can minimize the risk. Many sex workers also insist that their clients only engage in finger in vagina with clean hands and short nails.

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