Dining at the O (DATO)

Last Updated: October 13, 2020

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Definition - What does Dining at the O (DATO) mean?

Dining at the O is a term for the act of performing analingus on a female or female-identifying person.

It is a term is most commonly used within the sex industry. For example, you may see "dining at the O" listed as an item on the menus of sex workers and in the field reports of clients of the sex industry. In the sex industry, when a client requests dining at the O, they want to perform analingus on a female or female-identifying sex worker.

However, as some aspects of sex work have gone more mainstream this term has also entered the common vernacular. People may use the term dining at the O when telling someone they performed analingus on a female or female-identifying partner.

The term dining at the O is a spin-off of the term dining at the Y. The term dining at the Y, a colloquial term for cunnilingus, originates from the shape of the female genital area. Similarly, dining at the O gets its name because the anus can look like the letter O.

Dining at the O is not used to refer to the event of a sex worker performing anal sex on a client, no matter what the client’s gender identity.

Dining at the O is sometimes shortened to the acronym DATO.

Kinkly explains Dining at the O (DATO)

Many sex industry clients enjoy dining at the O because of its taboo nature. They also typically enjoy witnessing the pleasure this action can provide to the recipient, due to the high number of nerve endings in the anal region.

People dining at the O can give the receiving partner the best experience by varying their technique. Combining gentle licks with more intense tongue pressure can be very sensual. The giving partner should not be afraid to get their lips involved too, as this varies the sensations for the receiving partner.

Dining at the O should never involve teeth though, as biting can damage the anus’ sensitive nerve endings. The giving partner could also caress the receiving partner’s buttocks or reach around and finger their clitoris and vagina. Note that giving partners should not attempt manual stimulation on a sex worker without receiving consent.

While dining at the O can be exciting for the giving partner, they must remember to breath. Breathing through the nose works best while the mouth is busy performing analingus.

It’s important to note that, even if an individual's anal region appears clean, feces can carry bacteria and viruses which can be transmitted via dining at the O. Wearing a dental dam is the most effective way to minimize the risk of catching diseases during this sexual practice.

Due to the risk of bacterial spread, people shouldn’t start dining at the O, then move to dining at the Y. This practice can introduce bacteria from the anus into the vagina or urethra. Someone also should also never start dining at the O if they have sores or cuts in or around their mouth, or the recipient appears to have sores or cuts around their anus. These sores or cuts can also introduce viruses and bacteria, or be a portal for these nasties entering the body.

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