Cum in Hair (CIH)

Last Updated: March 23, 2020

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Definition - What does Cum in Hair (CIH) mean?

Cum in hair is a service offered by sex workers who allow their clients to ejaculate on their hair. The term is often shortened to the acronym CIH on sex worker's menus and in their logbooks, as well as in clients' field reports.

Kinkly explains Cum in Hair (CIH)

A client can ejaculate in a sex worker’s hair by pulling out of sexual intercourse or oral sex, or during a hand job.

People who enjoy cumming in hair tend to prefer ejaculating on women with longer hair. They typically enjoy the way hair looks dripping with semen, and often watch pornography portraying women with cum in their hair and men cumming on women's heads.

Cum in hair is considered a safe sexual practice. However, removing cum from hair requires careful washing, so many women don't let their partners practice this act on them. This may be a reason why this particular service is so popular in the sex industry.

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