Pantyhose Fetish

Last Updated: June 12, 2017

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Definition - What does Pantyhose Fetish mean?

A pantyhose fetish is a type of underwear fetish. People with a pantyhose fetish commonly become sexually aroused through wearing pantyhose, watching other people wear pantyhose, or both. They may also become aroused by watching someone put on or remove pantyhose.

A person with a pantyhose fetish is known as a pantyhose fetishist.

A pantyhose fetish is also sometimes known as a tights fetish, as tights is the British term for pantyhose.

Kinkly explains Pantyhose Fetish

Pantyhose fetishists often express preferences for different styles of pantyhose and clothes worn with pantyhose, such as skirts, uniforms, or types of footwear. It’s not uncommon for a person with a pantyhose fetish to also have a foot fetish, a shoe fetish, or a fetish for schoolgirls.

A pantyhose fetish is more common amongst modern men than a stocking fetish, perhaps because pantyhose are in direct contact with female genitals.

Pantyhose are also fetishized because they make the legs appear "perfect" by removing blemishes and cellulite. They cover the legs, but are sheer and thus do not disguise them completely. When a woman wears pantyhose, her shoes are also easier to slide off, and this may be appealing to people with shoe and foot fetishes.

A pantyhose fetishist may also become aroused by viewing people wearing pantyhose in printed materials or online. They may enjoy wearing pantyhose during sexual activity, or using them as bondage restraints. Even the act of purchasing pantyhose can prove arousing for some. A man with a pantyhose fetish may also enjoy wearing pantyhose while on his own or in the company of others. This is a mild form of transvestism, although some men who only wear pantyhose reject the label of transvestite.

A pantyhose fetish generally manifests during childhood, and grows throughout adolescence and adulthood. Unlike many fetishes, pantyhose fetish is not generally considered a paraphilia. However, it may be considered a paraphilia if it causes distress or otherwise interrupts the life of the fetishist or those he or she interacts with. Therapy can be helpful in these cases.

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