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Scent Play

Updated: JULY 19, 2017

Scent or smell Play is a type of sensation play practiced in the BDSM community. During scent play, the submissive is typically ordered to smell areas of the dominant’s body which emit strong odors. The submissive may also be asked to smell items of unwashed clothing that contain the dominant’s scent.


More About Scent Play

During scent play, the submissive typically smells his or her dominant’s armpits, anus, or genitals. They may also be required to sniff odorous apparel or accessories owned by the dominant, such as lingerie, socks, or gym shoes. Scent play may be enhanced if it occurs after a dominant has exercised, not showered for a while, or when a dominant female is on her period.

Many submissives report being aroused by the scents emitted by their dominants. In some cases, this arousal may become a fetish. This type of fetish is closely related to fart fetish. Some escorts offer scent play services for clients with scent fetishes.

Scent play may be for the mutual enjoyment or arousal of the participants, especially as part of body worship, or instigated by the dominant to punish the submissive as part of humiliation play.

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