Physical Humiliation

Last Updated: November 14, 2017

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Definition - What does Physical Humiliation mean?

Physical humiliation is a type of erotic humiliation practiced by some BDSM couples. It involves physical acts which help a dominant partner assert power over their submissive. These may include participation in degrading activities, manipulation of the body, or restrictions over bodily movements.

While physical humiliation can appear degrading or even painful to outsiders, both the submissive and dominant partner must agree to this type of humiliation.

Kinkly explains Physical Humiliation

A range of acts can be considered physical humiliation such as ejaculating, spitting, urinating on a submissive’s body, spanking or whipping the submissive, or depriving the submissive of privacy. A dominant partner may force his submissive to perform acts of servitude, sexually degrading acts, or specific rituals. A submissive may also be required to adhere to a set dress code, such as only wearing lingerie or cross-dressing, or may be asked to wear nothing at all. Animal play may also involve physical humiliation if the dominant partner emphasizes their status over their submissive "pet." Physical humiliation is often used in conjunction with verbal humiliation.

Physical humiliation with a trusted partner can be a healthy outlet for humiliation fantasies. It also looks to reinforce the roles of BDSM couples, as the submissive partner is vulnerable to the dominant partner’s demands.

Communication is important to ensure that physical humiliation does not cause distress. A safe word can ensure that physical humiliation does not go too far.

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