Last Updated: November 4, 2019

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Definition - What does Inflatophilia mean?

Inflatophilia refers to an extremely prominent sexual fetish where an individual is aroused by or sexually interested in inflatable objects. As with all paraphilias, inflatophilia is a fetish that is debilitating and can have a negative impact on the life of the person involved.

Kinkly explains Inflatophilia

Inflatophiles are not restricted to arousal by inflatable dolls. This fetish includes all types of inflatable objects and toys. Inflatophilia is associated with balloon fetishism. However, it is different because balloon fetishists are aroused specifically by balloons. Inflatophiles are aroused by all inflatable objects including balloons. There are three types of inflatophiles that are similar to balloon fetishists.

  1. Poppers: Those aroused by the popping of inflated objects.
  2. Inflators: Those aroused by inflating or the sight of their partner filling inflatable objects.
  3. Deflators: Those who derive sexual pleasure from releasing the air from an inflatable object.

Inflatophiles are not restricted to one category of fetishism. They can belong to one or all categories of inflatophiles.

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