Fetish Wear

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Definition - What does Fetish Wear mean?

Fetish wear refers to clothing and accessories that are designed to be extremely provocative. These fashions aren't usually part of a person's everyday wardrobe; they are usually saved for special occasions, such as fetish play and events.

Fetish wear may also be called fetish clothing or fetish fashion.

Kinkly explains Fetish Wear

Common fetish wear items include corsets, cat suits, collars, and sexy shoes, boots, skirts and dresses. Costumes like naughty nurse and schoolgirl uniforms are also sometimes considered to be fetish wear. Leather, latex, spandex and fishnet are common materials used to make fetish wear clothing and accessories. That said, fetish wear is very personal because there is so much variation in terms of what people find to be arousing.

Bring a little spice into your life by donning a little fetish wear for your lover! You can be a naughty little school girl or a vicious vixen for a night. Show your partner who's boss by buying a slave collar or let them tease you as you wear some bondage gear. There's no wrong way to wear fetish fashions, but we recommend keeping them confined to the boudoir ... or dungeon.

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