Last Updated: July 27, 2018

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Definition - What does Defilement mean?

Defilement is a term for the act of polluting, damaging, or otherwise violating a fetish object, an intimate partner, or oneself for sexual arousal or gratification. The arousal that stems from defilement is known as anophelorastia.

When an interest in defilement becomes a fetish, it is known as salirophilia. People with this fetish are known as salirophiles.

Defilement is also known more specifically as sexual defilement.

Kinkly explains Defilement

Defilement can take many forms. People who enjoy defilement may sully or rip their own clothes, or the clothes worn by an intimate partner. They may also like to sully or tear fetish items, like underwear or stockings. They might deliberately mess up their own make-up, or the make-up worn by an intimate partner. They might also defile the images of celebrities they fancy, perhaps by tearing photos in magazines or by drawing on them.

While anophelorastia is the general term for arousal from defilement, there are also some other terms used to describe this arousal. Arousal from self-defilement is known as automysophilia, while arousal from the soiling of clothing is known as mysophilia.

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