Corner Time

Last Updated: July 20, 2017

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Definition - What does Corner Time mean?

Corner time is a term for a type of punishment a submissive person may receive in a BDSM-style relationship. During corner time a submissive will stand in isolation, facing the corner of a room. Corner time generally occurs after another form of punishment, often corporal punishment such as a spanking or flogging, has been administered.

Kinkly explains Corner Time

Corner time is intended to give a submissive time to calm down after corporal punishment. This solitary time also gives the submissive time to reflect upon the actions that led to their punishment. With an awareness of the consequences, the submissive can decide whether it’s worth transgressing again.

Traditionally, a submissive undergoing corner time will stand with their nose at the corner of the room. Variations may occur where the submissive kneels, places their hands on head, or stands against a wall rather than in a corner. Often submissives must remove their pants or be completely nude for corner time. This allows dominants to admire their handiwork after corporal punishment, and also adds to the humiliation of the ritual.

The length and duration of corner time will vary depending on the dominant’s wishes and the gravity of the submissive’s misdemeanor. Corner time may range from as short as a few minutes to as long as a few hours.

While corner time is primarily used as a punishment, some dominants have been known to implement corner time before a scene to build the submissive’s anticipation and encourage them to reflect on what lies ahead.

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