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Cling Film

Updated: MAY 24, 2021

Cling film is a clear plastic film typically used to wrap food. However, it is also used as a bondage tool among some couples, especially those who live a BDSM lifestyle.

Cling wrap may be used in a type of bondage is known as mummification, especially when the whole body is wrapped. That’s because a person wrapped in cling film resembles an Egyptian mummy. Cling film can also be used in a more traditional bondage sense, to tie hands, for example, when rolled into a long shape resembling a rope.

Cling Film is also known as Saran Wrap or Pallet Wrap.

More About Cling Film

To use cling film in bondage, you should wrap the film tightly around the body to immobilize it. Cling film can restrict the movements of one submissive, or even be used to tie two or more submissives together.

When the body is completely wrapped, anecdotal evidence suggests the submissive is deprived of all their senses. Many report feeling weightless and having a heightened sensitivity to their breath, heartbeat, and thoughts.

Cling film can be more dangerous than other bondage tools as it can easily cause suffocation. There have been several cases where people have died while being bound by cling film. It’s safest to restrict the wrap to parts of the body below the neck to ensure the submissive can still breathe. If you do wrap the head, you should leave the mouth or nose open or use a breathing tube. The submissive should never be bound with cling film for an extended period of time. One should always monitor a bound submissive, as panic, overheating, and suffocation can occur quickly and often without warning.


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