Last Updated: July 20, 2017

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Definition - What does Caging mean?

Caging is a BDSM practice in which the submissive is confined within a cage by the dominant. This practice allows the dominant to feel ownership and control while the submissive is in a position of humiliation and free of responsibility over their actions. The caged environment makes the submissive vulnerable and their body open for viewing. This makes the humiliation role play more enticing for couples. Cages have always been representative of ownership and are a reminder of the submissive's surrender. There are many different types of cages. Some are hanging while others are similar to animal kennels.

Kinkly explains Caging

It is important to remember that the submissive's consent and comfort are important in this situation. Make sure that the submissive is not left unattended for too long in case of muscle cramping and fatigue. If the submissive is being kept in a cage for a prolonged period, ensure that there is enough room for movement. The dominant should always be present in case the submissive has a panic attack or becomes claustrophobic. When done safely, caging can be a very enjoyable part of a dominant and submissive relationship. There are many add-ons that the dominant can add into the cage for additional pleasure such as shackles and sex toys. Used positively, the cage can become a nest for the submissive, a place where they can enjoy daily activities while confined by their dominant.

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