Last Updated: September 9, 2015

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Definition - What does Begging mean?

Begging is a term for the act of pleading with another person for something. Begging may be a verbal or physical act, or a combination of the two. Begging is usually done by a submissive partner in a BDSM-style relationship, when he or she wants something from the dominant. However, begging may be a component of sex play for any couple.

Kinkly explains Begging

Verbal begging may involve the submissive using the word please, using bribery to convince the dominant, and generally saying things to express desperation. Physical actions that show begging including kneeling or bowing before the dominant, kissing his or her feet or hands, or other actions showing submission. Certain facial expressions, such as making puppy dog eyes, are another form of begging.

A dominant may withhold something, such as sexual gratification or permission to use the toilet, to encourage the submissive to beg. This could be part of humiliation play or simply to reinforce the roles in a BDSM relationship. Begging also helps remind submissives that their bodies are no longer their own; they belong to the dominant.

A dominant may also use begging as a component of a punishment. For example, a submissive may be required to beg to be spanked. This forces the submissive to engage with his or her punishment, rather than trying to disassociate from it.

Begging can also be a powerful component of some role-playing scenarios, such as parent-child role-playing. Begging can add realism to these types of scenes which makes them more intense.

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