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Ball Stretching

Updated: JULY 30, 2018

Ball stretching is the stretching of the scrotum which aims to increase its length so that the testicles permanently hang lower. This can be done using only the hands or with unweighted or weighted devices. As the scrotum is stretched, new internal tissue cells form and grow. The gradual growth of new cells sees the scrotum expanding over time.

Ball stretching is also known as testicle stretching and scrotum stretching.

More About Ball Stretching

Ball stretching can be performed by wrapping the thumb and index finger around the scrotum and above the testicles. Then, slowly and gently pulling down and holding the stretch. A variety of devices including leather straps, steel, or rubber rings can be used for ball stretching. A man’s device of choice is wrapped underneath the skin of the scrotum and the penis so that the testicles hang below it. Some devices have space for attaching weights. This increases the tension on the testicles and speeds up the stretching process. However, it also increases the risk of injuries occurring. Strapping too tightly can also cause genital injuries.

Ball stretching is a long process which requires a commitment of several months or even years. Opinions of how long the stretch should be held vary significantly. Some say a 30-second stretch several times a day is all that’s required. Others insist a daily stretch should last for several hours. This is easier to achieve using the devices since gravity does all the work. Warming the testicles will make them more pliable and flexible. Stretching after a warm shower can maximize the results. Once the scrotum has stretched the desired length, a maintenance program is recommended to retain these results.

Some men engage in ball stretching because they believe that lower hanging testicles will help them feel more masculine and virile and will boost their confidence. In turn, they feel these emotions may send signals to the brain which result in increased production of testosterone and other male androgens. A larger scrotum can also increase the pleasurable sensations during hand jobs, fellatio, and sex.


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