Ass Worship

Last Updated: August 28, 2017

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Definition - What does Ass Worship mean?

Ass worship is a type of worship for those with an ass fetish. It is also a type of submissive worship in a Dom/sub relationship. Generally, ass worship is performed by inserting the face into the space between cheeks of another individual.

Kinkly explains Ass Worship

Ass worship is usually performed by some method where an individual buries their face between the butt cheeks of another. This can be done when an individual lays flat on their stomach and the other spreads the cheeks of the receiving partner and buries their face in the ass. There are a variety of positions for ass worship, all of which involve the face being buried in the ass of another. It is recommended that the individual being worshiped wear some type of lingerie or thong although it is not a requirement of the practice.

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