Armpit Fetish

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Definition - What does Armpit Fetish mean?

An armpit fetish is a sexual interest in or attraction to underarms. It is also referred to as maschalagnia.

Kinkly explains Armpit Fetish

An armpit fetish can present itself in two distinct ways. Armpit enthusiasts are either attracted to the armpit for its physical characteristics or for the distinct odor of the armpit. Those that are attracted to the armpit for physical reasons often find a resemblance or draw a connection between the armpit, either hairy or shaved, and the female genitalia. Activities that are associated with armpit fetishism are licking or sniffing the underarm, whether it be shaved, hairy, sweaty, or clean. It also includes armpit sex, where the armpit clearly takes on the role of the vagina.

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