24/7 Slavery

Last Updated: December 5, 2015

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Definition - What does 24/7 Slavery mean?

24/7 slavery is a BDSM lifestyle choice which sees an individual taking an extreme submissive role in their relationship 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The slave gives up control in the relationship and agrees to obey their master’s every request.

This form of slavery differs from many other BDSM arrangements where slaves surrender control to their masters only during BDSM scenes.

Kinkly explains 24/7 Slavery

When a person lives a life of 24/7 slavery, their master controls all elements of their life including what they eat, what they wear, when they sleep and for how long, and how and when they have sex. Slaves are generally responsible for all household chores. They live to ensure their master's happiness which they achieve through acts of servitude. These may range from making a cup of coffee or being sexually available. Slaves are always obedient and devoted. Many slaves wear a collar at all times as a symbol of their arrangement much like the wedding rings that married vanilla couples wear to show their commitment.

24/7 slavery only works when both individuals have a clear understanding and acceptance of their role in the relationship. Before entering into 24/7 slavery, the terms of the relationship are defined and often sealed by the signing of a contact that is not legally binding. Trust is crucial for a 24/7 slavery relationship. Slaves must feel confident that their master will take care of them and not abuse their position of power.

The term slavery is associated with oppression, but individuals who live 24/7 Slavery in the BDSM context insist that they are not oppressed. It’s important to note that they choose this lifestyle willingly. If a submissive is coerced or forced into 24/7 slavery, then the situation is a form of sexual assault.

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