Last Updated: May 18, 2020

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Definition - What does Outercourse mean?

Outercourse is a broad term used to describe non-penetrative sexual activity. For instance, it is often used to describe frottage, or dry humping, which is when two people rub their naked or clothed genitals together for sexual stimulation. Outercourse can also be used to describe simulated sexual intercourse, such as mammary sex. Some people may even consider acts like oral sex, analingus, fingering, hand jobs and mutual masturbation to be outercourse as well.

Outercourse may also be called non-penetrative sex.

Kinkly explains Outercourse

In addition to foreplay, couples may participate in outercourse for a number of reasons. For example, outercourse may be an option when one or both partners aren't ready to have sex or when no protection is available. When fully clothed, the chances of a woman getting pregnant during outercourse are practically non-existent. The risk of getting pregnant or catching a sexually transmitted infection, however, is higher if both partners are unclothed during outercourse.

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