Door Jamb Cuffs

Last Updated: May 1, 2018

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Definition - What does Door Jamb Cuffs mean?

Door jamb cuffs are sex toys which turn any ordinary door into a place for bondage play. The easy-to-use cuffs are held in place when the door is closed. They are designed to restrain a person’s wrists or ankles. They are made by a range of sex toy manufacturers including Sportsheets and the Fetish Fantasy Series.

Kinkly explains Door Jamb Cuffs

Door jamb cuffs are typically sold in multi-packs, with a pair of cuffs attached to two door straps. You should slip the straps over the door to restrain a partner’s wrists, or under the door to restrain their ankles. Then simply close the door to hold the door jamb cuffs in place. Couples can use both door jamb cuffs at once or choose to restrain only the wrists or the ankles in isolation.

Door jamb cuffs feature soft fabric cuffs with closures, such as Velcro strips or buckles, to help them hold the wrists or ankles securely. In some cases the material cuffs are joined with tough straps, which extend through a tightening buckle to a durable plastic tube. This tightening buckle ensures people of all heights can use the door jamb cuffs, and also helps further restrain the submissive partner.

While door jamb cuffs are not strong enough for suspension bondage, they should stand up to regular bondage play.

As they don’t require permanent installation, door jamb cuffs are ideal for renters, people looking for a portable bondage toy for travel and sleepovers, and anyone dabbling in BDSM.

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