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Serpent's Tongue

Definition - What does Serpent's Tongue mean?

Serpent’s tongue is a term for a type of slapper or whip used in the BDSM community. While the designs of serpent’s tongues vary, they all feature one end that is V-shaped. The V may be formed by two pieces of leather or suede joined together at the base, or a slit through a single wide piece of leather. This V shape makes the serpent’s tongue look like the forked tongue of a snake.

A serpent’s tongue may also be known as a viper’s tongue.

Kinkly explains Serpent's Tongue

A serpent’s tongue has a handle at one end to make it easy for a dominant partner to hold the whip without it slipping.

The V of a serpent’s tongue is often known as a pair of stingers, because of the sting it creates upon impact. This sting can be more intense than with other whips, especially when wielded at full force, so serpent’s tongues are not recommended for people new to S&M practices. A serpent’s tongue easily leaves marks on impact, which is a key part of its appeal.

While people most commonly use serpent’s tongues for sharp, intense sensations, they may also be incorporated into progressive sensory play.

As serpent’s tongues are flexible, they are simple to store and easily transportable for play on vacations and sleepovers.

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