Rope Gag

Last Updated: March 4, 2016

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Definition - What does Rope Gag mean?

A rope gag is a gag for the mouth that is constructed out of rope, generally as part of a rope bondage scene. As with all gags, it may prevent speaking or fill the mouth completely, or increase drooling by holding the mouth open.

Kinkly explains Rope Gag

An effective rope gag can be achieved any time rope is run through the mouth. This is sometimes done in conjunction with a rope blindfold, or as a way to use up rope after completing another tie.

Specific rope gag ties also exist that mimic other common gags such as a bit gag or ball gag by using patterns of rope work or knot work.

If rope is used in the mouth, it should be dedicated to that person only, or it should be a synthetic or cotton rope that can be throughly washed and sanitized.

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