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Dragon's Tongue

Updated: MAY 26, 2020

A dragon's tongue is a specially-designed whip that looks like it was ripped off of a dragon. It is made of three sections: the handle, body, and lash. The handle is usually made of wood, wrapped in leather. This leather extends into the body. The lash is made to look like fiery tip of a dragon's tongue. It has two leather or suede lashes, with the thicker lash wrapped around the thinner one.

More About Dragon's Tongue

The dragon's tongue can be as wicked as it looks. It's a good addition to dungeon scenes and the like. It can add to the thrill of role-playing and BDSM play. Of course, like any other whip, it can sting worse than a bee. Red marks on one's body should be expected after a night of dragon's tongue lashing. To keep within each person's limits, partners should agree on a safe word.


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