Crotch Rope

Last Updated: July 25, 2017

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Definition - What does Crotch Rope mean?

A crotch rope is a technique in rope bondage. It involves a rope that starts from the person's waist. It is then worked around their pelvis. For women, it may be woven in between the labia. The pressure of the rope depends on the goal. It can be for pleasure or pain. Although crotch ropes are used more often with female submissives, it can also be used on men.

Kinkly explains Crotch Rope

The crotch rope can be used in different ways. The submissive can wear it over clothes or underneath. They can also go completely naked, except for the rope. Harnesses, straps, and webbing can be utilised as an alternative to rope. The crotch rope can be used to control or restrain a submissive. It can also deny sex as a crude chastity belt replacement.

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